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Those who follow me (ilanacharnelle) on Instagram may have caught a peep of my awesome merry-go-round skirt…bought on request by my sister from the most brilliant store in Harajuku, Bodyline!  I adore it!  Japan does cute circular skirts like nowhere else…

Skirt: Bodyline

Shirt/ Cardi: From friend

Tie: Handmade by my uber talented little sis (check out her work here!)

Petticoat: Love Vintage Melbourne

Miserable Melbourne days deserve warm high-waisted pants, splashes of electric blue and cake mix cookies.  Plus, my hair is newly black, so I needed to celebrate!

Hair clips: Gift from friend

Cardigan/ striped shirt: Bought so long ago from obscure shops I can hardly remember! (Sorry!)

High-waisted pants: Country Road (thrifted) 

Belt: Primark (For one single, solitary pound.  Hurray!)

Cake mix cookies are my new obsession, and you can find a great recipe on Lovin’ from the Oven.  You can have fresh cookies within fifteen minutes, I swear.  I’ve tried it with various other cake mixes and they always turn out great. So simple, so delicious!

This is me attempting to post more often between two jobs and writing an Honours thesis — we’ll see how that works out!

Yours & c.,

So, today was miserable.

Weather-wise that is.  I waited for Sideshow Annie to open at a nearby cafe and managed to write some songs over coffee, watching the rain.

And then, because I had missed the show I was going to go and see, I had a ten minute traipse in the rain through the city.  And it was bucketing.  And I have a cold.


What makes you feel better after walking with a cold through the rain?

I was privileged enough to be treated to an amazing tea in Crown Tower’s ‘Crystal Club’.  And it was gorgeous.

My soul-repairing English Breakfast tea and delicious cupcake (complete with squishy marshmallow star!)

(Please bear in mind I was pretty much soaked to the skin at this point).


Here’s the thing about Crown: even the bathrooms are pretty.


(The bathrooms seemed a good a place as any to take some quick photos of today’s outfit:)

(Purse, cardigan, skirt and shirt all gifts from friends.  Belt from Primark (£1!!). Shoes from Rivers. No clue where the cameo brooch is from!)

Just goes to show that tea can turn any day around!

Oh, and look what else happened this afternoon…..

New business cards arrived!

That’s all for today, but thanks again to my new likers on Facebook and new followers on tumblr!  

Yours & c., 

(A very blurry picture of the amazing arrangement of booze behind the Burlesque Bar bar).

Another week, another Sunday at Burlesque Bar.

(But on a side note, I saw a show at MTC last week, and the bathrooms were super pretty:

…but back to the story!)

The usual dressing room fun times.

This week’s outfit came from someone I should really call my personal stylist (thanks Robyn!) who picked it up at an op-shop.  (Sorry to the audience members who wanted to get their own!)

…I like mirrors.

THIS SUNDAY I will be borrowing another brilliant outfit from Sideshow Annie!  The theme this week is a wartime romance, so to get your fill of stories of love and war, slip into some WWII gear and come on down.

And now, since it’s been a while since my last outfit post….

(Necklace a gift from my friend Yae-Rin in Japan, shirt also a gift from Robyn).

Today Melbourne decided to turn into an oven (for someone who likes stockings-and-cardigan weather, thirty-one degrees is not fun).  Strangely, hot weather makes me want to wear more clothes, not less.

Shirt detail; it’s a very strange cropped style, with a little dip upwards towards the belly button (?) and a tie around the waist.  But I like how it looked with a high-waisted skirt! The skirt is one that was handmade for me for a production of Blood Wedding.  

The usual culprits, pearls and lace.

It all looked a little like this:

Nice and flowy (I still felt like I was trapped under a duvet for most of the day!)

Otherwise it’s planning new songs and mash-ups for Sunday!  Click through to the event and bring some friends along.  There’s pop-up burlesque afterwards (at 8:30 pm and 9:30 pm) and free entry, so it will be a great night.

Only two shows to go!

Yours & c.,

…oh, that’s right.  You might have seen me in the mX yesterday?

(Thanks to Jon and Jen for sending me photos of the photo!)

mX even tweeted about it:

(Nice to see the link has the full photo, where you can see the killer {and somewhat hazardous} heels I was tottering around in for that shoot!).

But getting onto important things, like what I wore today.  I had a meeting at uni, so decided to go casual.  Which for me means 1940s wartime casual.

(Amazing vintage gloves courtesy of my Nanna).

(Loose decorative hair net from Topshop (?) years ago).

(Blouse from Bodyline in Harajuku {was part of a cosplay costume, I believe!}, handmade woolen vest from op shop).

More fully-fashioned nylons from my lingerie love What Katie Did, my ‘alligator’ shoes op-shopped).

It all looked a little like this…

(Skirt from the cutest repro shop in Zurich called Stardust).

If you’re not after gratuitous outfit posts let me reassure you that I will be making and uploading a video sometime soon.  And if you’re in Melbourne you can always come on down in your 1950s finest to the first show in my Summer Series at Burlesque Bar!

Yours & c.,