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All made up and ready to swing… #makeup #pinup #vintage #fifties #kitsch #etsy #bow #repro #ootd

Recently I was very lucky to be chosen as the winner of a beautiful pair of Glaring Glamour vintage reproduction sunglasses from Catch A Thief!  These come at the perfect time as Australian summer is just starting to sneak in!

A huge, HUGE thank you to the gorgeous Princess Pincurls for choosing me as a winner of the giveaway.  You can see her blog here.  She is an absolute sweetheart and makes some fabulous clothes to boot!

Now to the sunnies! 

How darling is this packaging?!

Here’s a little bit about the sunglasses I chose, Glaring Glamour, from the Catch A Thief website:

"Walking hand in hand with your date on your way to an evening of swing dancing. Taking your time, you detour to grab two blue heaven milkshakes to go. These are the glasses you reach for when you are after the authentic 1950s look. With amazing gold details and diamants on the arm and face of the frames, these sunglasses turn the Fab dial from gorgeous to outrageously glam."

And it’s true — these glasses made me feel like I just stepped right out of the 1950s!  A perfect partner for your vintage outfits.

A closer look at the delightful diamonte details!

What I really loved about Catch A Thief was in their ‘About’ section on their website.  Catch A Thief’s prices are ridiculously reasonable, which when you’re buying repro is sadly not always the case.  Here is what Tessa (the founder of Catch A Thief) had to say about it:

"…even if [one] could afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of designer sunglasses, they would most likely meet their doom, dismembered at the bottom of [their] handbag."

This to me, is a wonderful sentiment, as I myself have unfortunately seen  the demise of beautiful sunglasses thanks to being carelessly crushed.  Catch A Thief have solved the problem by making stunning, vintage inspired sunglasses that won’t damage your wallet — so if they get smooshed, you can snap up a beautiful new pair!

A huge thank you again to Tessa and Princess Pincurls, my Glaring Glamours are sure to be a staple in my wardrobe this summer!

Yours & c.,

Celebrating some super lovely feedback I got for my song ‘Lolita’ by dressing decidedly cutesy!
Skirt: Bodyline, Harajuku
Cardigan: Alannah Hill
Shirt: gift from friend
Sunglasses: Retrostar
Headscarf/ shoes: thrifted

Errand-running day outfit!
Dress: Bodyline, Harajuku
Shirt: From a friend
Shoes: mychemist (what can I say, I’m no vintage snob!)
Belt/ headscarf: thrifted
Brooch: Vintage (my grandmother’s)

Things that theatre and fashion have in common: occasionally, they concede that leggings are pants.  I am usually anti-leggings as pants.  But if I tell myself they are cigarette pants, everything will be alright.  Right?

Inspired by the curvy gals of films like Cry Baby, and the fact I have rehearsal this evening!

(Please note the fresh Dita manicure done by yours truly)

Headscarf: Love Vintage Melbourne

Shirt: Stolen from my partner (!), probably from a department store

Everything else is from various cheap department stores.  The only vintage thing I am wearing is my scarf!  #reproftw

Those who follow me (ilanacharnelle) on Instagram may have caught a peep of my awesome merry-go-round skirt…bought on request by my sister from the most brilliant store in Harajuku, Bodyline!  I adore it!  Japan does cute circular skirts like nowhere else…

Skirt: Bodyline

Shirt/ Cardi: From friend

Tie: Handmade by my uber talented little sis (check out her work here!)

Petticoat: Love Vintage Melbourne

A Boardwalk Empire-inspired outfit for a study day.  This is my equivalent to jeans and a t-shirt!

Twinset: Gift from my Nanna (that I get ridiculous amounts of use out of, honestly. Such a lovely warm knit!

Slip/ Skirt: Target (thrifted)

Belt: Thrifted (Thanks Boardwalk Empire for giving me the inspiration to wear a waist-high belt over a long shirt!)

Necklace: Rubi Shoes