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Twenty-two-year-old singer/ songwriter with a particular pechant for the 1940s and 50s.
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Topping off a red white and blue outfit with a beautiful nautical @_bties as my headband! I love it! Must buy more to put in my hair, they’re the perfect bow! #bties #vintage #ootd #nautical #redwhiteandblue #america #summer #wiwt #fifties #1950s #pinup #selfie

Doing the bobby-soxer/ diner girl thing for ma birthday shenanigans! #pinup #selfie #1950s #vintage #fifties #birthday

All made up and ready to swing… #makeup #pinup #vintage #fifties #kitsch #etsy #bow #repro #ootd

Celebrating some super lovely feedback I got for my song ‘Lolita’ by dressing decidedly cutesy!
Skirt: Bodyline, Harajuku
Cardigan: Alannah Hill
Shirt: gift from friend
Sunglasses: Retrostar
Headscarf/ shoes: thrifted

It’s a stunning day here in Melbourne today.  I am looking out my window and all I can see is sunshine!  In fact, let me illustrate this for you:


I have very thick hair, so pincurling can take a long, loooong time, as well as being hard to dry.  Instead, I pop my mostly dry hair up into a cheap bun enhancer like this one, and it comes out super curly!  Most days I pin half of it up for a forties-inspired do.  Today I brushed it out into a pageboy style:

The pageboy style is when the length of the hair is tucked up under itself to create a sort of roll: 

My hair is *finally* growing long enough to do it!  If you want to know more about the pageboy style, or you are interested in vintage styling period, you MUST check out Idda van Muster's blog, specifically her post on pageboy styles!  Here is how she did it:

(Image property of Idda van Munster and Safet Hadzimusic.  Click through for source).

What a dish, what a doll!

As for me, I paired my pageboy ‘do with a casual fifties-inspired outfit to go see a theatre show this afternoon:

Skirt: Thrifted (Target)

Shoes, belt: Thrifted

Socks: Kmart

Top: Giordano

Cardigan: I bought it in Japan!

Pearls: Primark

Yours & c.,

#Spring has sprung, so it’s time for another gratuitous outfit! Dress from @obiwanjenobi, #headscarf is #vintage, #necklace from #Lovisa! #fifties #bettiebangs #colorful #pinup #selfie #ootd #outfit (Taken with Instagram)

This is the man who’s love of #Elvis, #BeachBoys and #AmericanGraffiti gave me my love of #fifties #music…I love you, Dad! #fathersday #family #love (Taken with Instagram)

On cold miserable Melbourne days, I instantly put three thousand layers on.

And also headscarves.

Scarf, pants: Thrifted

Coat, shirt: Gifts

Cardigan: Alannah Hill

Earrings, belt: Primark

Miserable Melbourne days deserve warm high-waisted pants, splashes of electric blue and cake mix cookies.  Plus, my hair is newly black, so I needed to celebrate!

Hair clips: Gift from friend

Cardigan/ striped shirt: Bought so long ago from obscure shops I can hardly remember! (Sorry!)

High-waisted pants: Country Road (thrifted) 

Belt: Primark (For one single, solitary pound.  Hurray!)

Cake mix cookies are my new obsession, and you can find a great recipe on Lovin’ from the Oven.  You can have fresh cookies within fifteen minutes, I swear.  I’ve tried it with various other cake mixes and they always turn out great. So simple, so delicious!

This is me attempting to post more often between two jobs and writing an Honours thesis — we’ll see how that works out!

Yours & c.,

Exciting news part one! Stay posted: #music #radio #vintage #forties #fifties #speakeasy #speakeasyep #instagood #popularpage (Taken with Instagram)